About Us

Ember & Ivy was founded by home & lifestyle youtuber Brittany Vasseur.

My love for jewelry began when I noticed that adding even a simple necklace to a basic outfit would instantly make me look and feel polished. Layering two to three necklaces together would elevate my look even further. As a busy mom who doesn't always make time for myself, wearing my necklaces was something simple I could do to feel just a little bit better and more put together. 

I became obsessed and started buying all the necklaces I could. Initially, I purchased inexpensive jewelry from Amazon and Etsy, only to discover they would tarnish and wear within weeks. Then I stepped up to gold-plated jewelry, but even those would fade and lose their luster after a few months. That’s when I discovered gold vermeil, which is the perfect combination of quality and affordability, and I never went back. Gold vermeil has a distinct gorgeous shine, and most importantly, it lasts. 

As a content creator, my jewelry is always on display and I am asked about my necklaces daily. It is, by far, the most common thing I am asked about. My love for jewelry combined with the interest from my audience inspired me to take a leap of faith and create my own jewelry company. 

The process of creating Ember & Ivy was far more challenging and time consuming than I ever could have imagined. This company could not have been realized without the guidance and expertise of our in-house expert, Gregory Brannan who has been in the jewelry industry for over 40 years and has worked with the most well-known fine and demi-fine jewelry brands on the planet. 

I am so proud of the quality, beauty and meaning of our pieces and I hope you love them as much as I do. I hope these make you feel that even on your hard days, you can shine.